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Rally for the Roots | Common Roots Brewing Company

April 8, 2019

When I retired from the military, I moved back to the north country for it’s sense of community. Four years and a short move later, I found that in the city of South Glens Falls. There is no “Will your neighbors help you out”… it’s all about “Let’s see what we can do to support you”. I love that. It’s how I want to raise my children. So when I saw that a group of alumni employees, friends and fellow small business owners were rallying together to lend a hand to help the Common Roots Brewing Company after a devastating fire, I knew I needed to be a part of it. I mean, this brewery has literally been my home beacon (as in, I think to myself “There’s Common Roots, and it’s time to turn on the road home) since I moved to South Glens Falls a year ago.

Here’s a peek at the April 7th Rising from the Flames, Rally for the Roots benefit. If you weren’t able to make it… there is another event on 12 April at the Takk House in Troy, NY. You can find more information here: Friends of Common Roots

Coincidentally, I hear a voice asking me if I remember where I was exactly one year ago today… and I turn to find Maggie and Jason (the couple on the left) whose wedding I photographed on April 7th, 2018! Burger 21, Pies on Wheels (which I might be biased about since they are part of The Shirt Factory family) and Old Thyme BBQ = Food Truck Paradise!!

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