I believe weddings are more than just one photo event after another. It's all about the story -- a million little moments of memories that woven together make up your love story. That's why I consider myself more like a visual storyteller and less like "just photographers".

I work hard to ensure that the final gallery I deliver is this killer mix of all the details you
 painstakingly chose, candids that make you chuckle and super dreamy romantic portraits. You know... the kind that your grandkids will look back on and think "I want to love that way one day!"

If you love the sound of that, let's chat!


YM Photography is a gender positive, love knows no limits, veteran, she-her, minority-owned business.  I do not work at venues or with vendors that do not hold these same ideals. It's a rigid stance but one that is very important to me as the mom of a child that doesn't fit into the normative roles society places on love and identity.


the why

Great imagery begins with a great experience. In my past decade as a wedding photographer, I have come to realize that the moments that are gone instantaneously are usually the most important, and they are rarely planned out. The way a dad looks at his daughter during a first dance. The look on a groom's face when he sees his life long partner walking towards him for the first time. These are the moments we all cherish.

The experience I bring allows me to anticipate these moments, and be ready to artfully document them. I want my clients to walk away with imagery that reminds them of what it felt like to be in that very moment, uninterrupted, living life to the fullest. 

That doesn't mean I'm not all about planning before the wedding because I am.  I have lots of tools and tips to share so that your photography is the last thing you need to worry about and most of all -- allows you to actually live your day.