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March 28, 2019

Almost 10 years ago I went back to school for a second degree and had to take many of my basic classes over since it had been so long since I first attended school. I landed myself in a pretty amazing chemistry class with several amazing women. When I decided I really wanted to pursue wedding photography, one of those gals, Carly, gave me a chance and hired me to photograph her wedding. I’ve photographed her first kiss, her first born and now I can add her first business to the list. Enough reminiscing… on to the photos for Send a Meal Today’s branding session.

By the way, I am addicted to two different foods… BLTs and Chicken Pot Pies so I pretty much consider myself a connoisseur of both. I was pretty excited when she sent me home with a pot pie, cookies and a brownie and I was in heaven once I tasted them!

You can find Send A Meal Today here or call Carly at the number below to try any of these amazing dishes! | YM Photography | Saratoga Springs, NY Brand Photographer

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